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  1. Hi Marc, sorry for answering your questions late. By this time ı figured out that it's not about the node structure. However, if you use keyrames for a node with changing values of key (opacity) in time, In my system if ı disable/enable it repeatedly resolve crashes. Also it may be about usb or harddrive issue because i have to use the same harddisk that ı read the files from. Anyways, it's not so important because ı use live saving mode and lose nothing at all but can be very frustrating when a client is sitting with you, and just wondered if it's a common issue and wanted to hear the ideas. Thank you all for your answers. I have micro panel, 16GB RAM, GTX1060 and Intel - i7 7700K.
  2. Hello everybody, I encounter a problem when ı work with complicated node trees. When ı disable and enable some of the nodes resolve stops working. Do you have any ideas about that issue?