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  1. I'm also sorry for the confusion... TC is a complex matter with hispeed files. SMPTE TC is derivated from a realtime timestamp, but does not really exists as such inside the metadata. Still, the SMPTE being generated on the fly is supposed to be same no matter what software is used. I had a quick check, here is what I've found so far : • Resolve shows TC related to the inner timestamp (expected behavior) • Silverstack shows also same TC as Resolve. • PCC (Vision Research windows app) DOES NOT show the same TC as Resolve, and this TC is unrelated to actual realtime timestamp. So, as weird as it seems, I'd say correct TC in the Resolve one, while PCC (and so phantom player) won't... That being said, it's of no help for your actual issue... Btw, did you notice a constant offset between those TCs ?
  2. Hi Glenn, I'm not a killer colorist but I have a bit of experience with .cine files as I 'm a lucky Phantom owner. What exactly do you mean by reading the code ? Getting correct metadata ? From what I understand, I assume you've tried to change global cine settings in the raw tab settings, but it didn't change a thing, while switching individual clip to custom settings does work. The only case I know these settings will be ignored is when using the DVR color managed mode. Is this your case here ? From what I think I've understood by myself, when Resolve is set to color managed mode, linear raw data is automatically mapped into your actual colourspace, bypassing the classic raw tab with specific phantom options, notably the transfer curve selection (rec709, log1 & log2 curves). While I was trying to set a pipe to color grade .cine files in an HLG colourspace, I've noticed that when color management is ON, the result is quite different to any available curve you can get when in unmanaged mode. And I definitely prefer the rendition I get from the unmanaged mode, with the classic raw tab tools. This color science was probably provided by Vision Research at first, when I suspect the curve being applied by Resolve in managed mode being developed by Blackmagic... In the case you're in unmanaged mode, then this is an issue, as it has always worked well in any actual or previous Resolve versions...