Nikhil Shahapurkar

Question about importing fcpxml in to Davinci Resolve

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Hey guys! How do you tackle the issues faced on importing fcpxml from Final Cut Pro X to Resolve? I have attached the snapshots of the problems that I am facing. Please help me. The ultimate solution is to work on Bake n Blade, but I want to understand how this problem can be solved.
  1. I imported all high resolution footage (23.976 fps) in to resolve. the editor edited in 25 fps
  2. when I import xml then even if I redirect it to the high res folder, it does not recognise it
  3. the imported clips come in as "Secondary storyline" compound clips. So i decompose them. I see they get converted in to clips (which I still do not see in media pool) but Resolve does not give me any option of re-linking or replacing the clips
  4. above all, the reference movie given by editor, in 25fps, comes in 6 seconds longer than the xml import
Can any one please help me understand how to tackle these xml issues.
I recently graded 2 films, one was exported xml from premiere pro and the other from Avid. I did not face any of these issues there.
Please advise me on fcp xml. I would really appreciate it. Many thanks in advance




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