Industry Standard for sharing massive files( RAW footage/ DPX renders)?

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Hi, lovely people of the forum. First post here. 

What's your go to software or online app that you use for a back and forth of massive file sizes?  With the pandemic and working remotely more a norm was wondering what the industry standard is. Specially when it comes to sending RAW footage or massive 4K DPX sequences.  Just finished a commercial where the client wanted 4k 10BIT DPX sequences for the entire spot, which came up to about over 300 GB of data that i had to send back. Since it was a compositing job they were insistent on DPX and not  ProRess 444 files.  First time having dealt with  such a situation where the client needed the files asap and couldn't wait for me to courier it. They wanted me to upload it to Google drive, something that i was not happy with but had to agree eventually due to lack of time. 

Do the big Cg/post houses have their own private server for the file back and forth?  What do small independent setups go by?  I came across this site https://massive.io/ that allows for uploads/downloads and charges per GB downloaded.  

Any leads on this would be appreciated!



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Sohonet seems popular with high-end post houses here in London UK.

One of the issues with any online storage is decent upload speeds. Many ADSL broadband connections have abysmal upload speeds.

Sending 300 GB when your upload speed tops out at a couple of Mbps is going to be painful!


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Thanks! I shall look into this.  At the moment it seems like an FTP server is the bet i guess.  Yeah upload speeds are really sporadic here as well. Its a really painful process.


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