New course available - Color Management Workflow in DaVinci Resolve 17

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DaVinci Resolve 17 is a major new release with a massive new DaVinci wide gamut color space that enables even higher quality image processing.

This course is a must-see for all professional colorists, and the new color management solution will make you create better looking images!

The course is thought by the world-renowned video- and workflow-specialist and author Lee Lanier. The first version of this course was recorded a year ago, and has been updated with many new lessons and theory and examples are added to the exisiting ones.

In this training series you will learn to work with both display-referred and scene-referred management including ACES, applying DRTs with SDR and HDR projects, using DaVinci Wide Gamut, matching camera profiles with color space transforms and DCTLs, how to set up your projects for multiple color space outputs, RED IPP2 and RAW workflow, how to use the Gamut tool, LUTs, CSTs and OpenColorIO in Fusion, an overview of the Colorspace Aware Tools and much more. 

The DaVinci Resolve database files, footage and DCTL are available for download so that you can easily follow along. 
I want to especially thank Paul Dore, Dylan R. Hopkin, John Daro, Marc Wielage and Doug Delaney for their generous help and valuable inputs.

Read more about the course

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