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Starting my learning journey

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Hello everyone! I just joined lowepost today. I have dabbled with DaVinci Resolve for about a week and wish to learn color correction/grading.

Is the lesson "Professional Color Grading Techniques in DaVinci Resolve" in here too advanced for me to begin my learning journey? If yes, which beginner class should I start off with? 

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Hiya Eugene!

I'm not much further along in the same journey and I'm slowly working my way through the course you mentioned here too  -it seems really fantastic. .  I've already gone through the course book from Davinci and thought it was a pretty great starting point.

 I'd say if you can understand and follow along easily then carry on.  If you feel a bit out of your depth hit up Davinci's course and see if it's a better starting point for you.  :)

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hi Kian !

Thank you for the guide! Happy learning and lets stay in touch :)

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