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Hi, I would like to know your thoughts on this recorder-monitor, its not really a color grading monitor but maybe it can be used some times. Im not a professional so I dont want to spend any more $$$.

I usually show my work on web so I dont know what device is a better color reference, my monitor Dell u3818dw or this Ninja Flame. 

In daily use, the Ninja Flame is more bright and contrasty, even showing a log image in the Dell looks flat and in the Flame a lot better, so Im lost on wich device use for color reference.


Thank you!


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Nothing else than a proper grading montor will be accurate. You could calibrate consumer screens but they will not be accurate, it's that easy. Contact Flanders and Eizo and ask if they have some small monitors that they want to get rid of cheap for any reason. 

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