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Hello Members:

I am a novice when it comes to color grading so I apologize if my inquiry seems dumb, but I am obssesed with finding this out.  I noticed that a lot of commercials and music videos from Spain, Mexico city and some european countries have this similar type of look which I describe as the "euro" look.  It has a very organic film like look to it.   I have spoken to a few DPS and colorists from some of those videos which I admire and they downplay their work a little.  For a while I believed they used special filtration on the lenses but one of my favorite videos the DP told me they shot it clean.  Besides the obvious answers that it is lighting,  production design what is that element that i am missing.


Thanks in advance




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Hi Omar

Not sure what this 'European' look you're referring to actually is.

The two examples you link to are quite different from each other.

You mention it's mostly from commercial and music videos, but as a European, I see a great variation in styles and grades - just as I would from material from the rest of the world.  

On 11/30/2019 at 9:15 PM, Omar Robles said:

commercials and music videos from Spain, Mexico city...

Last time I checked, Mexico City wasn't in Europe!

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