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Avid, change clip in group

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Hi. Is it possible to change / swap a grouped clip in Avid with another clip? I did some changes to the original clip so I would like to change it without redoing the whole edit.

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Seems like I can right-click the grouped sequence and choose "edit group" to swap the clip in the group. The issue I'm having now is that the main sequence with the group on the timeline does not update. Tried to restart. Any idea what can solve this issue?

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Thank you Bruno. I did now, but unfortunately the sequence does not update. When I match frame the clips though, it appears in the monitor window but not in the main timeline / player window.


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5 hours ago, Tom Evans said:

but unfortunately the sequence does not update

Strange, I thought that was what the 'refresh group edits'  was specifically designed for. 

Possible bug?

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3 hours ago, Tom Evans said:

And while I have you here... any idea how I can get Avid to recognize the Ultrastudio? Desktop Video and Resolve recognize it.

Not sure what OS's and versions you're on but there was a problem with certain combinations of software that wasn't putting the driver in the correct place (the AVX2_plugins folder). I believe the latest Desktop Video installer (12.4.2) has fixed the problem

Have a look at this Avid forum thread for details...

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Going back to the Groups issue, Just read this from the Avid forums...

Ok, so I figured out how to update the sequence.  You need to make your changes to your group clip, then highlight the sequence that contains that group clip, rightclick and choose "Refresh Sequence > Group Edits". This then updates the sequence with your changes.

HOWEVER...  I've actually just noticed a very major limitation of grouping in this manner - you cannot shorten the length of a group.  You can only add cameras.  I just tried taking an already built sync map that I had made and removing a section from the middle. Then updated the group clip and refreshed the sequence by going to Clip > Refresh Sequence > Group Edits.

I either get no change - the sequence does not update to show where the gap should be, or I get the error Exception: PMM_INSUFFICIENT_MEDIA.

The manual actually states that this is a current limitation - see attached screenshot.

So it looks like refreshing the sequence to update it is a no go if you make the new group shorter.  You'll still have to cut the new group clip in over the top of your current sequence.  If you add to the sequence then it works.

This is a pretty major limitation - Avid - when will this be addressed or has it already been in a newer version? I'm working on 2018.12.7.

Taken from this thread...

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