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What is a Premium+ member?

We wish to thank active forum members and the most helpful people in our community for their contribution, by promoting them to Premium+ members.

What are the benefits?

  • Exclusive access to courses and articles prior to release
  • Software discounts
  • Private forum

Why access prior to release?

This is one way to thank our members, but it’s also an effective way for us to gain early feedback on our content and make changes.

How can I become a Premium+ member?

Active participation in our forums are the most important reason for promotion, but people might be promoted for assisting with research, recruiting forum members or for putting us in contact with people that allow us to create great content, etc. The requirements are not set in stone and is always up to the evaluation of Lowepost.

Simply participate, help build our forum and you will catch our eyes in due time.

Can I purchase a Premium+ membership

Premium+ memberships are based on invitation only.

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