Frank Wylie

Colormaster 2000 35mm Prismatic Analyser

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(Hope this is the right place to post this;  I guess a Colormaster is a form of grading "app", albeit a rather large one!)

Apologies to Stig and all for being so scarce lately, but I have just spent the last year searching for, procuring and waiting for delivery of a replacement film analyzer. 

Not east to obtain in this day and age but it finally arrived!  For the last 3 hectic days I was assisting Media Migration Technology (formerly RTI) install our new system.  It replaces one of our HFC 300D Hazeltine analyzers that was inoperative and allows me to return to electronic grading of negatives instead of grading them by eye over a light table. 

Being that there's no real analog grading forum, I hope at least this could be a diverting trip down memory lane for anyone who remembers film to film production...





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