Fusion Essential Training

Fusion Essential Training

We are proud to introduce The Fusion Essentials Training with instructor Kevin P McAuliffe! With 3 hours of in-depth fundamentals, you will get up to speed with the powerful BlackMagic Design Fusion inside of DaVinci Resolve and gain the knowledge you need to start creating your own effects.

About the instructor

Kevin is an award winning editor and visual effects creator based in Toronto with over 15 years of teaching and training experience. Over the past years Kevin has delivered world-class work for clients such as Warner Bros, Walt Disney Company, 20th Century Fox, Universal and Elevation Pictures.

Who is this course designed for?

Editors, Colorists, Finishing Artists, DITs

Some of the topics

  • Understanding the Resolve/Fusion workflow
  • Working with the Fusion Interface
  • How do nodes work?
  • Working with the inspector
  • Animating with Keyframes
  • Understanding masks
  • Adding additional footage to animations
  • Working with the merge tool
  • Creating basic effects
  • Creating texts and titles
  • Mastering the transform node
  • Basic 3D

Software required

A free version of DaVinci Resolve or the free standalone version of Fusion

Get access

Enjoy the first lesson for free, and become a premium member to access the full course.

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When I get out of Fusion doing a title the title take on color from a power window I have from the color page??? Would you not want it "on top" of all the color you did? I'd guess i would need to make it into a effect I can then add to another layer in edit mode so that it is on top? How?

Also the title when I make it large looks soft on my main monitor


Edited by Evan Anthony

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These are great!!!

Here is what I would love to see:

1) End Credit rolls

2) cloning/tracking to fix/remove issues.


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Ok, so i'm following this to the letter.  However when, in lesson 4 (approx: 7.17) you drag a clip from the Media Pool and it immediately shows up in your viewer window (screen 2).


Ok, so this doesn't happen for me.  I've tried many combinations of this but nothing. The node that the clip represents is blank.  I've made sure that it is being displayed in the correct viewer, etc...but still nothing.  I've been over the lesson a number of times, and i'm sure that i haven't misheard, or mis-seen anything.  

Anyway, how can this clip possibly show up if it doesn't appear on the edit timeline?

Am i missing something? Can someone please advise?


Thanks in advance.

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