Colored by Andreas Minuth



I got involved a few days before shooting began in September 2013 and the team had shot some lens, costume, and lighting tests. I met director Jalmari Helander and DP Mika Orasma in the grading suite and we instantly started to work on these tests.

Our main references were the action blockbusters of the last years. But what I usually do before a feature film job, is to watch previous movies of the director and DP. In this case, I watched 'Rare Exports', which gave me a better understanding of their visual style. We did not try many different looks in this test session because they had a pretty good idea, how the film should look and after a few minutes all of us were quite satisfied with what we had achieved so far.

The film is an action-comedy and was meant to look like a Hollywood action movie - but a bit more colorful, because it should not be too serious. The shots had a strong contrast and were tinted a little bit cold, especially the night scenes. A slightly blue/cyanish tone should join together all the scenes. So the general look went a bit into the famous teal and orange direction.

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