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  1. Blackboard I for sale in Germany. For details please pm me.
  2. Hi Margus, good to hear that you can confirm. I'm pretty sure that once you have tested BaseGrade you'll find it very useful and fast too. Scratch is also a very good grading software!
  3. Before 2000: Thats Filmlights philosophy of giving the operator every possible combination to serve any workflow. Hard to make that less complex. Btw in V5 you can finally conform from different drives/path.
  4. Thanks Abby for your warm words! Margus, I can only recommend making experiences with other platforms (Scratch & Baselight). When you have the recources and time to do some projects on it, you will see that you can get there easier and more comfortable. Specially on long formats I think it is not to get through to the project in the given time. It is to get it done nicely and to have still energy left to run the extra mile to make it perfect. This you can get with Baselight with all its functionality to make you super efficient (DBS (try, apply, view), "real" Grouped Grading, Smart Dissolv
  5. My experience with Baselight is you get better results faster. When Resolve lets you think of keying or Log-grading something (to correct it), you'll get nice results instantly with Baselights Video-Grade (or Film-Grade). This was already there before the full implementation of the Color Management into Baselight. It is the same with Sratch and Lustre. Both have very nice behavior of the "plain" Video-Grade tool. In other words I find Resolve is often somehow rough. One gets quickly an impressing result, yes. But you have to work further (with additional tools / nodes) to refine it. Node
  6. Rainer Bueltert


    Hi Andy, great colouring and article! Thanks for the insights, Rainer