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  1. In "Color channel mixing to create unique looks" you seem to know what numbers you want to put in the outputs of the various channels in the RGB mixer already. Where did those numbers come from? Is that often a combination you use? As someone that never uses the RGB mixer, I was a bit baffled at how you chose the numbers, even though I could see the overall effect. Overall, I love how concise the lessons are. Thank you.
  2. Hi John, I've been using the original FilmConvert in Resolve for a while now. I always place FC in a serial node after my primary corrector for exposure, white balance etc. That way when FC does the log conversion, I have already made my primary corrections while still in log. With this workflow, what's the advantage of Nitrate? Grain aside, as I can see the controls are more advanced there, how would I benefit from using Nitrate with this workflow. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. There's some great information here, but I'm surprised that the Object Removal OFX plugin isn't mentioned. It's be great to see a lesson on this plugin as it's easier to use than going into Fusion.