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  1. And it's me again. Kevin, in the first CutPage lesson you dragndrop a music into the media pool and its already lowered in gain. How did you do that? In an external programm, or is there an audio-import setting where the audio gain is lowered automatically? best
  2. Hey Abby, my question was a little misleading. I'm aware how to create multicam clips. I wanted to know if there is same kind of batch function, because I have a feature project shot with zwo cameras, so there are a lot of takes and scenes. And if I'd have to pick the corresponding clips for each take, it'll take ages. I think the multicam course is quite fresh online, isn't it? I will for sure have a look. cheers Sebastian
  3. Hi all, I got a problem with a Multicam. 1. How can I create multiple Multicam clips (synced via Timecode)? Do I really have to pick the corresponding pairs (I'm on two cameras here)? 2. I also have external audio with 5 audio tracks, which are reduced to a single stereo track when I sync them to the A-Cam and then create a multicam clip. Am I missing something here? I really hope so! thanks Resolve 16.1.2 WIN10
  4. For Lesson03 I recommend using a little piece of software called Post Hast by Digital Rebellion. You can setup Folder Structures for certain projects (Editing, Motion graphics aso.) with one click. https://www.digitalrebellion.com/posthaste/ I'm not connected to these guys in any way. Just like the software 🙂