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  1. Evan Schneider

    Post your suite!

    My suite in Downtown LA. Small setup but works great. iMac 5K, 24” HP Dreamcolor and a Panasonic 55” Viera plasma.
  2. Evan Schneider

    New Color Reel

    Actually, a lot of my clientele are just beginning to understand the importance of color. With smaller budgets and faster turnarounds, usually the color process gets kicked to the curb with them, or they end up just throwing on a LUT in Premiere themselves. So in a way, I want my color reel to be both an advertisement for myself and a way to show how important color is. And hopefully they'll consider investing in a good grade.
  3. Evan Schneider

    New Color Reel

    Thanks man! And good point, I was including them mainly for people who don't understand what color can do to show a good before/after. But totally agree some of them are way too fast.
  4. Evan Schneider

    New Color Reel

    Thanks man!
  5. Evan Schneider

    New Color Reel

    Thanks for the feedback Nicolas. You're right about that shot, and I think it's also some compression artifacts. Regardless I think I will switch it out!
  6. Evan Schneider

    New Color Reel

    Thanks Alex, appreciate it!
  7. Evan Schneider

    New Color Reel

    Hey guys, Just finished a new color reel for 2016. Includes my work on music videos, commercials, weddings, and passion projects. Would love to hear any feedback! Thanks! Evan
  8. Evan Schneider


    Thanks for sharing Eric. Love hearing your process.