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  1. Hi all, I'm sure this has come up before, but is it at all possible to manipulate the transitions for uneven transitions in Resolve like Avid? Currently in the midst of an online and it looks like I might have to link the plates in Avid and kick it out from there. Hope this is a feature request if not! Thanks!
  2. Hi Lee, Thanks so much for all of your videos here and I've watched some of your others on Lynda too. I was wondering how you would mimic a reverse stabilize after the final merge instead of keyframing the crop offset? Thank you again and I'm excited to continuing working thru all your lessons.
  3. Hi everyone, Is there a way to produce open splines in Fusion like you can in Mocha? Or the equivalent of a mask path in AE that uses the stroke effect. I'm wanting to use them for the small hairs on a subjects head I'm masking.