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  1. Some really great stuff in this courseI I will put the methods to good use while patiently waiting for more content like this 🤓 Quick question: When "piping the key downstream", why create a new input instead of just pulling another pipe from the existing input?
  2. So with corner pin tracking and corner positioner, how does one add motion blur to make the tracking look less pasted on there? And is there a way to feather edges? Can't seem to find options for this, but I'm pretty new to fusion so 🤷‍♂️
  3. Would it be possible to use a clean slate, a shot of the background without the model, and use some form of subtract blending mode to extract the background faster and more exact, or will film noise make this hard? Not fluent enough in Fusion yet to understand what nodes to use to try this myself. 😳