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  1. you should be able to go To the time line in color room and alt + click the video track you dont want to change but only see . (eg subtitle tiffs etc) so, throw them in one track and try this. i think the clips don‘t show up in lightbox view as well!
  2. thx for your comments. to explain further: i am doing mainly cinema grading. usually i grade with my fsi monitor in rec709 and going to the cinema after the first round with a dcp and taking notes with my clients. then doing the final pass and looking at the result in the cinema again at the very end (with everything finished, subs, sound, credits and the like). although a lot of people seem to think this doesnt work, and cinema movies have to be grades in theatres/with projection, i can say it does work very well for me and my clients for years. now the simple question: as i have a new fsi p3 capable monitor: would it make sense to switch to p3 viewing/grading or not? what are your experiences? ps: i am doing everything for years in aces, if that is important to know for anyones answer. thanks again andi winter
  3. dear all! as i am grading now on an fsi xm55u i wonder if i should start my next grading in p3 and aces. but which odt should i select? fsi told me: The DCI P3 setting is true P3 Gamut with DCI P3 white point of 0.314, 0.351 and 2.6 gamma. does anybody do cinema in p3 in aces? suggestions and tipps welcome! andi w
  4. sounds quite smooth to me go for it!