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  1. Exactly, that's what I was wondering too, and asked in this forum then. I paid full price back then. No regrets! They seem to be subtle at first sight by just adding a little "look". But that's what matters.
  2. I have been asked what the Cinegrain Pipeline LUTs do to the image. Well, here you are... Shot on Alexa LF Prores444 _#_ Resolve ACEScct -> Rec709 Alexa IDT, ungraded: fuji3510 kodak_gold kodak2383a kodak2395 polaroid_70 kodak_gold and kodak_universal_print combined
  3. I bought them in the meantime. All that color transform feeding in and feeding out is over now. Just straight and smooth in Aces. Really pleased.
  4. Hi, is anyone working with those Luts? They are a bit expensive, so before buying them I'd like to know if they "work as advertised". Cheers Alex