Rogério Moraes

DIfferent results for rec709 and P3-DCI using ACEScc or RCM on Resolve

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   Im working on a facility with a Christhie DCI Projector, well calibrated, and I need to "manage" often two masters (either for streaming, TV, rec709 to be short) and DCI-P3 color space for DIgital cinema projection, My project consists of one camera only (Alexa) so I choose the right IDT for that and the ODT for the P3-DCI for the project on the right "channel" at the Chrisite. But when I output to the rec 709 ( projector set to deliver rec709 at gamma 2.2 ) the colors look much different (yes, I do change my ODT for rec709 at this time). The difference im seeing is the lack of gammut between the DCI and the rec? it seems to drastic to me. Any advie or thoughts?

p.s.: dont like ACEScc... still I can bring much mor infromation on blacks if manually wornking on th elog file... but this is another topic) 

p,s,2: The difference is the same if I choose the RCM on Resolve, when I use the input to camera, time line to camera color workspace and output to the right color space. The differece doesn't exist if I bypass the input camera, put the timeline to P3 (the biggest gammut) and change the output to desired color space. Then I see no diference.



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On 12/26/2020 at 8:06 PM, Rogério Moraes said:

dont like ACEScc..

ACEScc is the only log space that lets to adjust white balance and exposure similar to RAW across the whole dynamic range using the offset.
Any other log curve (including ACEScct) has a toe, that makes it impossible to do correct exposure and WB adjustments with the offset. Shadows will be affected more than necessary. For me , the main advantage of ACES is the ACEScc. But not the Resolve version of ACES full of bugs. I'm talking about DCTLs. Biggest thanks to @Paul Dore for the ACES 1.2 plugin.

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