• At Lowepost we highly value the quality of our content, to deliver the best quality we might decide to partner with third parties. Lowepost will always have the final say when it comes to publishing an article and any cooperation will not distract from the quality and integrity of the content. We will always disclose if there is any cooperation involved. 

    Review models
    Sometimes we request or are offered review models of products to form an opinion and write an article. We are usually allowed to keep the review model.  

    Partner Articles
    We might invite partners to write content for our site, partners will have a natural bias for their own company and as of such, partner articles cannot be fully objective. We do of course fully disclose if an article is created by a partner.  

    Editorial review
    If we partner with a third party for any form of sponsorship (either with review models or paid) we might grant the partner editorial review privileges. Lowepost will of course always keep the final say to publish something (or not).  

    Affiliate links
    Our posts might include affiliate links, this is in order to provide us with the funds to create better and higher quality content for you.  

    Trust is extremely important for us and as a result we do investigate any partner we work with. Lowepost always keeps the final say when it comes to any piece of content.