Coloured by James Tillett



I had worked with the director Miles Jay before and also the DP Steve Annis numerous times when I was based in London. Miles attended the color sessions here in NY and we had a live remote going back to MPC London where the agency creatives were in attendance. The DP Steve wasn’t directly involved in supervising the color session. However, I was already familiar with his approach to lighting, exposure and aesthetics from previous collaborations.

I use a combination of curves and video grade in Baselight to set the initial contrast

- James Tillet -

This was a job where the color grade actually played a significant part in the storytelling process as we used color to highlight and enhance the differences between the two stories on either side of the split screen. As the film progressed, we gradually increased the difference in the color balance from one side of the split screen to the other. We also made numerous small enhancements and adjustments to specific parts of each side in order to highlight the relevant differences.

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