Colored by Mats Holmgren



I was introduced to work with Gentlemen and Gangsters before they started to shoot the film and I was a part of the tests to check the lenses and exposure. The film was shot on 35mm anamorphic and with spherical lenses. Some parts were B/W negative and some of it was shot on color stock. The film has a low exposure and the 35mm color film gives more grain in low exposed areas of an image. This is something the photographer used as a style to get a certain structure of grain, which was one of the visions. 

A good balance

Gentlemen and Gangsters was color corrected using Nucoda Film Master on a 2K Christie projector, and the stocks was scanned on an Arri scanner to 10-bit Log DPX. I started with my LUT which makes the image Linear from the Log Arri scanned negative. I have several LUT's that I try and test before I start to grade a new film

35mm color film gives more grain in low exposed areas of an image

- Mats Holmgren -

I balanced the film in the direction of our look and used no keys or windows before I had a good control over the film. It is important for me to get as far as possible with a good balance in the direction of the look I want to achieve. Making many keys and windows first round is like locking the picture in detail too early.

It takes time to get into a movie, and it is a process to improve day by day. I work my way gradually into the movie and add layers step by step. That said, I know colleagues and friends in the industry who work different and it is up to everyone to work the way that suits them best.

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