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  1. Hi Tom, I've been using Genelec monitors for more than 30 years, but I am not aware that they offer any monitors with wireless audio connectivity in their lineup. Almost all of their modern monitors will accept digital audio from AES3 sources (optical or wired). The primary issue with digital audio, especially over wireless protocols, is latency (delay). And to further complicate matters, the delay is not a precise, fixed amount - it can vary considerably over wireless protocols. As an example, bluetooth headphones often have delays on the order of 1/4 to 1/2 second. Since Genelec are professional products primarily designed for studio applications, I would think their primary user-base is not interested in wireless audio connectivity. But you could buy a bluetooth audio receiver and connect its outputs to your speaker system, thus making any speaker system "wireless" (but of course you still have wires from the bluetooth receiver to the powered speaker line inputs, and the speakers themselves also each have power cords). But I would not recommend that. You will have "lip-sync" problems when you try to edit video, because of the delays I mentioned above. And finally, which audio output port, method, protocol you connect to your editing computer, whether wired or wireless, should be independent from the particular editing software you are using. Whether Resolve, Premiere, or FCP - the editors will just send the audio to whatever you have selected as audio output on your computer. My advice is stay with the Genelecs and live with the wires.