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  1. @Walter Volpatto You talked about using Group Nodes as a place for HDR trims and looks in case there isn't a timeline look. Could you elaborate more on the node structure you're using in Groups and Timeline? I reckon you don't use Pre-Group that much, but I'd be interested in your Post-Group trim node structure and your Timeline node structure.
  2. Just a quick heads-up on that @Walter Volpatto: There's now a checkbox for this in Resolve settings: Edit: This is Resolve 17 /17.1 beta 7 – and is even noted in the changelog for the release: Addressed user preference issue for fixed color page node numbering.
  3. Victor Riley

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    I'm really liking your minimal approach, @Walter Volpatto. I feel like with the broad set of tools available to colorists, it's easy to complicate things and go overboard with "corrections" and "looks".
  4. 2021 is 13 days old, and you've just won understatement of the year.
  5. I really like the offset-focused approach for its simplicity and easy transfer using different grading spaces, and I'll be surely playing around with your node tree for a while. I'd love to see a full master class with you – I think all of us here could learn a lot watching you grade.
  6. Thank you so much for your answers! I assume you're working in Arri Log C whenever you can, and manage the transforms/IDTs/ODTs at a node-level – but an ACES-workflow would demand having the grading space in ACEScc/ACEScct. How do you approach this? DaVincis controls in ACES often work...unexpectedly bad.
  7. Dear Walter, thank you so much for this insight! It's incredibly valuable information you're providing here. I love your idea about discipline and creativity inside a constrained workflow. With open-ended tools like Resolve, it's easy to forget basics and lose oneself in dozens of correctors after correctors after correctors. A few questions that came to mind watching your course and playing around with the node tree: - How do you go about (if even) node caching? Depending on the footage and grading system, playback after heavy noise reduction in particular benefits from a cached nod