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  1. Thank you for response, Do you know any youtube video for that?
  2. Hello First I’m really appreciate it for reading and response to my questions. I’m searching on internet for my very very complicated issue but I can not find any solutions. I shoot with Sony A7 III with the Ninja so I have Apple Prores 442HQ files, 1- I would deliver my project for DCP and D-Cinema and also I would you deliver my project for web or Netflix, Could you please tell me your suggestion? 2- how can I change my setting for realtime playback? With my system and any node just I have 6 Fps. Here I attached some photo about my setting. now i use Mac mini 6c i7 + Razer Core X Chroma + AMD Radeon RX 5600XT with Blackmagic Radeon Pro 580 on MacOs BigSur. Thank you. All the best.
  3. Hi Does anyone know how can i freeze a part of image in the shot? Actually, my actress is breathing but she is died, Do you know how can i freeze her in davinci resolve? also, I don't have any clean frame. Thank you.
  4. Is there an easy way to exclude one clip from the changes of the Timeline Nodes?
  5. Hi, Can you find solution for this problem? I can't using static keyframe also.