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  1. Ok, Fusion is no problem and i think your right.... i will probably want to watch it a couple of times 😉 so i guess i will jump right in! Thanks again Ethan
  2. Thanks Ethan! Is it necessary to have an extensive math background or do you need programming skills to follow along?
  3. Works for me. No more problems! Thanks
  4. Hey there, has anyone taken a class from https://www.tacresolvetraining.com especially this one from Cullen Kelly https://www.tacresolvetraining.com/product-page/creative-color-science-masterclass-bundle Sounds really interesting but before spending the money I thought I ask for any opinions/experiences. thanks guys enzo
  5. Thanks for the reply! Will send you the mail address! cheers
  6. Hey guys, i think the website is down. At least i can not reach it! Does anyone else got the same problem? cheers
  7. Great stuff.....thank you! In this scenerio (L14 projecting matte paintings) though, it would be easier inside fusion, to create a simple 3D shape, scale it up and resize the y-axis... if you place the projector and the camera inside the shape you can simply use a bender node to transform the shape to it´s final state.... sorry for the nerdy comment 😉 eager to see more of your tutorials, really!!!