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  1. Thanks for the explanation Lee. I’ll post as a request on BMD forums to get this functionality working as I think this would be a beneficial workflow. Interestingly on reboot the multiple outs of fusion didn’t show up I color or deliver, like it had previously.
  2. When I send 2 outputs from Fusion to Color page (masked differently - Index 1 and 0) I can get a combination of the softened masks in the color page with 2 sources, but once switching to Edit, I only see one of the masks (which is the final screen shot) However sending Color only 1 Fusion masked clip and the other clip with no masking works, like as shown in Lee's fantastic training video. I have also tried feeding both Color nodes an alpha, and all combinations of alpha and alpha outputs and composite modes still fail to give the correct render to the edit page. Strangely it shows correctly on the Deliver page, but renders out the same way it looks in the timeline. Compound clip didn't help. 4K log project, OS X Resolve 15.3.008