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  1. Another really great insight. Thanks so much John and Lowepost for putting this together! This mini class is short, no bullshit and to the point, conveying fundamentals to stick to that really make a difference. Mr. Daro thank you very much for sparing us the often encountered nonsense, self-profiling talk. Refreshingly honest and greatly appreciate it! 🙏
  2. This really is a great insight. Thanks so much Derek and Lowepost for putting it out! Any chance we could get a glimpse of your layer stack and your tendency and logic on were you like to place your most common operators?
  3. Hey boys and girls, I would like to bring a series of high quality short courses to your attention, that will be held in Berlin during the summer. You can find out more about the various courses via the official link. Submission will open on Monday, April 15th. I also like to recommend you to subscribe at the bottom of the page to be notified about new details of the upcoming courses. All the best!
  4. "Peter Doyle's masterclass, covering his collaboration with the director of photography Bruno Delbonnel, is now available for streaming in English. The conference was organized by the #AFC during its Post-Production days in Paris on January 30th 2019 and hosted by Céline Bozon, Caroline Champetier, Gilles Porte et Benjamin B. Peter covers his approach to colour correction, with a specific focus on Aleksandr Sokurov's "Faust", Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows" and Ethan & Joel Coen's "Inside Llewyn Davis"." Originally posted via the AFC and shared by Thomas Eberschveiler from Filmlight. Enjoy.
  5. Short and to the point, filled with top grades. A wonderful example reel I enjoy watching every time. Just the KFC stuff I am not particularly fond of, but that’s for different reasons. Great work Aleksandr.