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  1. Currently i'm working on a project shot with Arriraw format, VFX was done in Prores 422 HQ, but when i test a VFX shot with my locked color grade, the result is quite different, the contrasity is diffrent from what i've graded. Should i tell VFX Department deliver DPX for me instead of Prores 422?
  2. Currently i'm working with RED File, there are some shots need to be exporte as DPX for cleaning stuffs, but when the vfx has done and delivered back to me, i apply the still grade, the color seems to be different and very bright, contrast, it's like you applying a grade twice to a shot. Any ideas how to fix this problem?
  3. Thank you, i will watch the series
  4. I know there's a technique that can remove blemishes, nimbles, like using Midtone Details or Blur. But which technique you guys often use to soften the skin like reference? It's almost like removing all of the little flores, making the skin looks very soft but not losing details, shape of the face.
  5. Thank you for such an amazing information Marc
  6. The reason why i need to use crossfade beause the camera was panning from one to another set and the lighting was yellow, then our client wanted to changed it to be natural light.
  7. Thank you, i had read all the comments and follow the guides. Did try to use keyframes and cross fades so the color was approved pretty fast.
  8. Do you use specific keyframes or masks to make the product pop out?
  9. Thank you for your specific guides, i had learn something new
  10. I'm about to grade a one-shot commercial for Apple, but i don't really have any experience on color grade one shot so far, so how can you guys start the grading with a one shot video?