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  1. Hej Everone! I calibrated my monitors using the x-rite i1 Display, DisplayCal and the Resolve Rec709 Preset. Both monitors are the same model. When i select 3D Monitor LUT for the display connected via the BlackMagic Mini Monitor the image looks fine. If i select for the 3D Viewer LUT "Follow Monitor LUT" both images change drastically. The signal gets crushed. Any idea why? Jonathan
  2. Hey Everyone! If i wanna grade for DCI P3 Delivery (2.6 Gamma and 48cd/m2), how do I calibrate my EIZO monitor? If i calibrate it to 48cd it feels pretty dark. Is it just a value for a projection? Is there a correspondent value for a monitor? I hope someone can help me clear this up. THX, Jonathan
  3. Jonathan Steil


    Simone, thanks for the insights. One question. On the referenced close-up of Chester there's a little tint on his shirt. Is it from the skin isolation node?