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  1. Hi - I am looking to buy the following Sony monitors : Sony BVM X300 Sony PVM A170 Sony PVM A250 If you are interested in selling please let me know. My email is or call +44 (0)1932 240305. Kindest Regards Chris
  2. Hi - I am looking to buy TWO Baselight systems. I require today a Baselight One system with either Blackboard Control surface or a Slate Control surface Baselight two System with a Blackboard One or Two Control surface. We have orders for both the systems that we must fill Please let me know if you are interested in selling your system - email Many thanks Chris
  3. HI,

    Can you send me price at



  4. Filmlight Baselight 2 For Sale Baselight Two system Gen 5 UHD Baselight Blackboard 1 control surface Storage: 48TB Shuttle Software 4.4 latest version. Gen5 hardware, latest generation CPUs, New 780TI GPU accelerators and AJA Kona 4 4K output card. The server motherboard is now PCIe 3.0 based. True light installed. Wacom & Pen also included. Gui monitor included only Flimlight Blackboard One also included With regards to the price, I am open to sensible offers The system is currently set at my office, if you are interested in my