Chroma Keying in After Effects

Chroma Keying in After Effects



In this course you will learn essential and advanced chroma keying techniques in Adobe After Effects. Instructor, Lee Lanier will explore a range of different techniques to give you the tools you need to create the perfect key, over and over again.

Most of the time will be used inside of After Effect's Keylight, which is the go-to-keyer for many compositors, and Lee will solve complex shots with poorly lit green-screens, soft lenses, blonde hair details and much more. We know this is what you have to deal with in production.

Chroma keying can be a very time-intensive process that ends with a bad result, but the techniques you will learn in this course will prepare you to take up any complex task with confident and deliver a good result.

The chroma keying course is taught by Lee Lanier which has written several books on the topic and teached chroma keying techniques at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood.

The footage and assets used in this course are available for download so that you can easily follow along.

About the instructor

Lee Lanier has created visual effects on numerous features films for Walt Disney Studios and PDI/DreamWorks. Lee is a world-renowned expert in the video effects field, and has written several popular high-end software books, and taught at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood.

Who is this course designed for?

  • Compositors

Lessons overview

  • 01: Introduction 
  • 02: Extract
  • 03: Color Range
  • 04: Linear Color Key
  • 05: InnerOuter Key
  • 06: Color Difference Key
  • 07: Difference Matte
  • 08: Keylight
  • 09: Spill Supression
  • 10: Adjusting Mattes
  • 11: Matte Effects
  • 12: Garbage and Core Masks
  • 13: Other Spill Techniques
  • 14: Refine Matte Effects
  • 15: Using a Second Keyer
  • 16: Custom Luma Mattes

Software required

After Effects

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Maybe this is addressed in later lesson that I haven't seen yet, but in L04, Linear Color Key, if this were a real life scenario and this worked the quickest & best for the better part of the key, how do you deal with the motion blur problems? Or do you have to abandon it for a more complex solution because with this method of keying there isn't a good way to fix it?

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