Colored by Henri Pulla



The commercial 'Disney Playmation’ was directed by Misko Iho and I was involved early in the project. Knowing that the film would include scenes with Iron Man and Star Wars immediately got me excited. We referenced both the look of the Iron Man and Star Wars movies, but we mainly got inspired by the latest Star Wars trailer. We also worked closely with ILM and Marvel to get the look right.

I guess I've had an inspiration to grade these kind of images ever since seeing the 'Empire Strikes Back' when it first came out and Star Wars right after on a re-run. Before seeing those movies, even more importantly, I was bitten by the sci-fi visuals bug after seeing the '2001 Space Odyssey’ back in 1978.

I do grain removal on chrominance channels to get clean and peaceful keys from skin tones

- Henri Pulla -

Stripped down color settings

I used Assimilate Scratch for grading and material management. The commercial was shot on RED Epic with the Dragon sensor, and with RED material it’s important to strip down all the color settings chosen during the shoot. Those settings are for viewing pleasure only. For grading, you want to get to the colors the sensor actually captured. In fact, for this project, I made a PDF to make sure everyone in the post pipeline would be sure how to decode raw data.

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