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  1. Time of color correction

    I've always thought a rule of thumb of one reel (22 minutes, is that right?) taking 8 hours is a good starting point. Plus a day or two for revisions and tweaks. Sometimes less sometimes more. Broadcast documentary of 50 odd minutes in a working day? (I find that tricky).
  2. S-A-M, Quantel Rio overview

    Thanks, glad you liked it. I think the broadcast version is called Qube and has (or will have) the same UI as the Rio, just different hardware. It's a nice system to edit on, where were you using it? The video is a bit long, I should have posted as a link Vimeo since there are links to shorter individual sections there https://vimeo.com/179197890
  3. S-A-M, Quantel Rio overview

    I did this overview of the new-look Quantel Rio (formerly Pablo) recently. Hope it's helpful