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  1. I just tested this on the Edit Page and it works fine for me (R16.2, MacBookPro Mojave).
  2. Try adding it within the Fusion page and merge there. That should work. Previous versions of Resolve had problems composting files with an alpha in the Edit page. Sometimes just rendering a cache would fix it.
  3. Regarding lesson 16, round-tripping with Avid (really good stuff, btw!) Would it be a valid workflow to Use Sizing information on import of the timeline to Resolve but then check the box 'disable edit and input sizing' in the Advanced Deliver settings?
  4. You're know about showing the path in the viewer with the Transform overlay selected? Right click on keyframe there
  5. I've always thought a rule of thumb of one reel (22 minutes, is that right?) taking 8 hours is a good starting point. Plus a day or two for revisions and tweaks. Sometimes less sometimes more. Broadcast documentary of 50 odd minutes in a working day? (I find that tricky).
  6. I've never used Baselight but the Balance control which act like aperture seems like a perfect tool to have.
  7. Thanks, glad you liked it. I think the broadcast version is called Qube and has (or will have) the same UI as the Rio, just different hardware. It's a nice system to edit on, where were you using it? The video is a bit long, I should have posted as a link Vimeo since there are links to shorter individual sections there https://vimeo.com/179197890
  8. I did this overview of the new-look Quantel Rio (formerly Pablo) recently. Hope it's helpful