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    Hi Bruce, great to hear from you. Yes, I remember that visit from the 'Management'! It was definitely something special and luckily they didn't drop the ball in acquiring it! Luke was a master grader. I would love to of seen him burst a few colourist ego bubbles with todays scene. The business model has changed so much. The kit we had then can now be done at a fraction of the price and I'm sure Luke would of really taken to it. That Jiffy bag....just shows how random things can work out! Catch up next time your in town! best Stuart.
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    Hi Oskar. from memory the Avids were Mac based and in Standard Def Pal. With frame for frame playlists for picture and drop frame for 24 for the sound. They were hired machines from the production. There must of been 20 systems in total. Not the BBC machines. best, Stuart.
  3. I remember when I was at Cinesite London, a lot of the process in 'OBWAT' informed the build of the facility to do 'Band of Brothers'. I remember reading the post mortem reports. And yes, it was the Bronze age but with the Specter non-linear system we were entering the age of Steam. Kodak, with all there cumulative knowledge, shut down the LA facility and London set-up a few years later.