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  1. 8 hours ago, Amada Daro said:

    Controlling the separate tonal ranges with printer lights would work against what the tool is designed for and the point of creating a clean and cinematic image that preserves the lightning on set.

    Your comment on "the hobbit" thread helped me find the article I was referring to 😊

    In that article it clearly state that printer point are used to control highlight and shadows. 

    I was wandering what it meant and how was that achieved. 

  2. Agree! 

    Altought I was hoping to get a little deeper insight, but I hope some more things can come up in the comments. 

    For example I was reading in some other article (can't find it right now, I will look for it) the use of printer lights also to control with precision different tonal range like shadows, mids, hilights. 

    How that can be achieve? 

    By keying the 3 tonal ranges and keep them in parallel, perhaps? 

    It's quite long time im using printer points for my base grade, and I have to say it's the best tool as far I'm concern