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  1. hi i havent been activily using my davinci resolve but now im getting back in it but its not letting me sign into my google account for youtube after i click allow it says error and some limit exceeded ? i dont know why its not letting me sign in it let me sign onto a different account but not my main please help
  2. i permanently deleted them from my camera and my laptop so i can film the next part and transfer the next part . it was taking up space ... i dont have copies anywhere.. i have been trying to recover from the recycling bin tried so many things after downloading its not even showing my deleted files...
  3. Hi please help me with this problem i worked on a project for 2 days filming and editing and when i finally finnished editing part 1 i deleted the original files from my laptop to have more space for my part 2 but now when i go back to all of my work it say media offline... i also deleted the videos from my camera...i dont what to do is there any way to fix the media offline without the files i even spent hours trying to recover my files but no luck please help....