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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone is aware of any software that can create custom ICC Profiles for monitors tweaking by eye. I have an FSI monitor that is calibrated and want to match my GUI monitors to be roughly in the same range and don't necessarily want to get a probe. Any suggestions? Thank you
  2. Personally not a fan of X - Rite - they lock their products so you can't use it with other calibration software. If you are going to purchase one, get it from Light Illusion or whatever software you will use to calibrate you monitors. X Rite software itself to be next to useless. Cheers
  3. Is this still happening :)?
  4. Hello everyone, I just bought a new display and wanted to check in with you all who are much more experienced than myself in these matters. Would you say this is an acceptable amount of back light bleed and uniformity from an FSI DM240? It is quite pricey and I would love some feedback from the pros to make sure. Thank you
  5. Getting some pretty bad rendering issues (in the program, as well as on export) : I have tried a few different settings, switching between CUDA, OpenCL, proxies, etc... I know it's the actual rendering engine because these weird artifacts appear at different frames every time I reset the render cache. Is there a way to individually re-render problematic frames? Or any other workaround? Thank you! PS. Is it also possible to bring in a clip into Fusion once there is a color grade over it from the color tab? I'd like to do a film grain pass over it in Fusion.
  6. Having an issue where my frame does not overlay on the blank part of the screen. When I create the crop after it cuts off the image like this. I feel like I'm missing a little check box somewhere.