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  1. Hi Thank you for your reply.They don't want to tell us witch card will go with baselight 4.4m1 They are asking me to buy the card from filmlight the card price is too high. They said RTX 6000 will fit but right now i don't have that much money so i am looking for alternative card. can you suggest me GTX 1080ti will fit (in 780TI GDDR5 the 1080ti has GDDR5X is that ok please let me know. Thank you Hemanth
  2. Hi I am using Baselight version 4.4m1 color grading soft ware in Linux Centos 6.4. In the system when they sent me with GPU card Zotac 780TI 3GB GDDR5 now the card failed so i need to replace it with another card can you suggest me with alternative GPU card witch supports my grading software as well as Centos 6.4Thank youHemanth