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  1. Hey Orash , Thank you very much ,i should have mention it is a dolby vision delivery requests i appreciate the info shared
  2. Hello Orash Thank you for taking interest in this topic. I placed the lut at the end off my node ,so its the very last node in my grade stack .
  3. Dear All Hopefully make sense off this and wondered if this is ok i don't have the luxury on my current prj to do it any differently as the decision to got to Hdr was made later on . i graded a show in a rec 709 using a rec 709 Lut ,now i need to deliver a HDR ver off this i wondered if this can be done using the colourspace space transform ofx and keeping the same rec 709 lut while monitoring it on HDR monitor i used resolve 16 to grade the show. any inputs ,various settings process , screen grabs etc is highly appreciated. Thank you