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  1. Thanks Marc- yes I’ve seen this technique also and like you mention gives more flexibility with colour corrections. Just seemed strange to me that there wasnt a simple way to darken/lighten the new area within the tool. If say I needed to remove 10 different plug sockets in a shot would you be duplicating your clip 10 times in the edit page? Just wondering if this becomes more heavy, processing wise, than say having 10 nodes applied.
  2. Was just wondering if there was a way to add a colour correction to a patch replacer node? I'm sampling a clean section of wall over a darker section of wall to remove a plug but need to darken that same area to blend in. Is that possible? or does that require an additional node?
  3. I'm fairly new to grading and I've been struggling with monitor calibration ever since. I'm using Resolve with a 2019 MacBook Pro laptop connected up to my EIZO CG277 monitor via a DisplayPort to usb C cable. Usually I'm working in retouching so I use the inbuilt calibration profile for that. However when grading I've been switching to a sRGB profile to try and keep everything more consistent when exporting and viewing in VLC/QT etc... Would the more advanced users be able to advise what profiles I should be using? also if theres any colour settings I should be changing in DaVinci? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!