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  1. Highly Recommended! For those who value having their questions answered in a personal one-to-one setting - this is the course for you! APPLY NOW! Limited to just 6 participants, UP.GRADE: Mentoring will consist of 5 days of intense hands-on grading where you will have your colourist skills personally mentored by Dirk Meier, BVK and Edmond Laccon. The week will feature group review sessions in which participants will exchange constructive feedback and expertise with their colleagues. Additionally to the development of hands-on skills we will undertake further training exercises with you to enhance your client communication and time management skills - so expect to have your colourist comfort zone expanded.
  2. This year UP.GRADE, the only long-term color grading program world wide, is offering a one-off series of 5-day short courses for colourists, cinematographers and everyone in-between. Come and study the crucial science and design behind how moving pictures are captured and reproduced, both digitally and photochemically this summer in Berlin.