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  1. Thank you @Mazze Sorry for the late reply (deadlines!). I'll check the video, I'm sure I'll manage to make it work the way I want it to be done! 😉 Geoff
  2. Hi Mazze, many thanks for your reply and sorry to bother you during the weekend. That is definitely answering my question about the slot name. For the sequence I wanted to link a shot to a sequence, for tracking purpose that is why I wanted to add a tag called <sequence> into the <shot> tag . but no biggie if it is not a feature, a basic regex on the <name> of the shot will do it! I have one tiny last question that you could for sure help me with (a very stupid one!): I've been looking in C:\ProgramData\Assimilator\Project\<Name_of_the_project> to find the entire project xml file, but only I can find the projectPaths.xml. I was wondering where was it stored by default? because I want to insert new shots within the project and not just as a playlist that is not attached to a project. Does it make sense? Again thank you so much for your precious time and expertise with SCRATCH, this is a fantastic software!
  3. Hi all, I was playing with python to be able to go trough the .xml file and I was wondering if we can customize some attributes in the xml/splx? For instance I would like to give a name to a slot, is it possible? an I add extra children tags like sequence in a shot tag? like this example: <slot index="0" name="124_LAC_0030"> <length>212</length> <timecode>00:00:00:00</timecode> <transition> <type>Cut</type> <before>0</before> <after>0</after> </transition> <smode>Once</smode> <shots> <shot uuid="c239468a-ad13-42f6-83ac-6877ae70dbc8" type="4823CDE5-74BB-425B-92E8-0699A027F7C3" slot="0" layer="0"> <file>C:\FILM\124_LAC_0030\COMP\124_LAC_0030_comp_v020\QT\124_LAC_0030_comp_v020.mp4</file> <name>124_LAC_0030_comp_v020</name> <sequence>124_LAC</sequence> <handles> <in>0</in> <out>211</out> </handles> <length>212</length> <size> <width>1920</width> <height>1080</height> </size> <fps>24.000</fps> <timecode>00:00:00:00</timecode> <view> <projection_type>normal</projection_type> <stereo_mode>mono</stereo_mode> </view> <colorgrade> <input> <colorspace>Lin/sRGB</colorspace> <eotf>SDR</eotf> </input> </colorgrade> <MOS>Y</MOS> <metadata> <dataitem> <key>Bit Depth</key> <value>8</value> </dataitem> <dataitem> <key>Compression</key> <value>H.264 High</value> </dataitem> </metadata> </shot> </shots> </slot> Thanks a lot for your answers! Geoff
  4. That's great it is working perfectly! The .splx file can be easily generated with a python script, that's awesome. Thanks again Mazze!
  5. Many thanks for your time Mazze!
  6. @Mazze By the way I am absolutely interested in what you've described. I'd love to know more please. Thanks!
  7. Many Thanks for your swift reply Mazze! Yes we are using Full SCRATCH 9 and Ideally we would love it to be our central hub. I'll dig more into the link you've provided, much appreciated! Geoff
  8. Hi all, I am a VFX supervisor and recently my company bought Scratch 9 for doing VFX dailies, reviews and QuickTime generation of the latest Version of sequences for the client. Everything is absolutely great and I love it, but I am trying to find a way to automatize the process of importing comp versions and stack them into their Construct's slot. Basically, my goal is to be able from Nuke to publish the comp version (both EXRs and .mov) and Scratch will add automatically the published version into the shot's slot. So when I am reviewing the whole sequence, I have the latest comps into Scratch. Is there any way to script this workflow? Does Scratch has an API that I can use for doing pipeline development? Many thanks for your replies! Geoff