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  1. That should be an alpha issue. Disable the Alpha channel for the color tool (you can choose what channels a tool affects - check the Settings tab). Something similar may happen if there is not proper alpha premultiplication (hence there is an Alpha Multiply tool).
  2. The Loader gives you the Trim controls. Or, as mentioned, just use Timespeed.
  3. Bring the footage in through an additional Loader. Set the Loader's Trim and Hold Last Frame parameters to make a freeze frame. Mask the Loader and track it on top of the footage coming through MediaIn.
  4. You are welcome. Thanks for checking it out.
  5. If you want the offset to be the same distance from the stroke, you do not have to keyframe the offset.
  6. I just tested it using 16. No problems. There are, however, differences between the Stroke brush or Multistroke brush. The Stroke brush paths can be manipulated individually, but last the entire timeline. The Multistroke brush paths only last one frame but cannot be manipulated individually.
  7. From my understanding, AP0 is an archival space with a larger gamut. In contrast, AP1 is designed for grading and VFX work with a gamut more closely related to Rec 2020.
  8. No, sorry, the Polygon tool would be an alternative masking choice. For paint cloning, you have to stick with the options that come with the Paint tool.
  9. Sorry for the late reply... The Rectangle tool does not provide a means to rotate the shape, or add a soft edge. If those things are required, it might be better to use a different masking process (such as a Polygon tool). The left eye requires the same steps as the right eye. I really just repeated the process.
  10. What I described can be done in Fusion. The Color tab has its own set of masking tools. I actually have not used the Edit tab too much, buy would say no.
  11. There are two ways you can approach this: 1) Remove a piece of text in the shape of the person with a subtractive mask. The cut out text is placed on top of the shot with a Merge where the text is the FG connection and the shot is the BG connection. 2) Cut out the person and place him/her on top of the text with a Merge. The cut out person is the FG connection and the text is the BG connection. Then the output of that Merge is connected to the FG of a second Merge and the original shot is connected to the BG of second Merge.
  12. Ah, good point. Thanks for reminding us of that.
  13. I would create a new part of the network that creates a version of the character that is cut out but has no arms or head. If possible, branch this off the MediaIn. Then merge the result of this new branch near the end of the network under the arms and head.
  14. Depends on what your network looks like - but you might need one branch for a static body that uses a mask to cut off the arms, and a separate branch that uses a second iteration of the body that cuts the arms off for animation. In fact, you probably want to operate each arm separately, so that is three branches. Not sure about the glitchy part - I've never had anything render poorly that looks right in Fusion,