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  1. Thanks Dermot... that's a good tip. But what happens with the audio... is what I can't figure out. The editor ended up with a rather complex audio mix on his timeline that was not listenable to in Resolve (probably becasue he had left a lot of tracks in there that were possibly muted on his system but weren't muted on Resolve), so I think either you or Kevin suggested ditching the audio as I didn't need it anyway. So I just exported the clips with no audio... So we need to use his timeline with the audio and link the video only to the new graded clips. I'm just wondering how we accomplish that. I think actually I did leave the audio untouched on the timeline that Resolve exported, but I de-selected audio on the export in case it caused problems when he re-imported it. I think now I've done this once I've learnt some better methods from you two for next time but I need to get this one sorted.
  2. @Kevin Could I possibly pick your brains a little more.... so I've done the grade and exported the clips back onto the editors portable drive using the 'FCP X' preset. It was defaulted to 'uncompressed' and as the size wasn't too ridiculous I left it at that. I deselected audio so it's video only. It automatically saves an .xml of the timeline too, though I'm not sure how he will be able to use that becuase of the audio... but that leads me to my latest question... which is... what is the 'proper' way of now re-importing the project back into FCP... Does he 'save as' on his version of the project and then unlink and relink the video to the new clips (and if so, what about separating the audio) or does he start a new project and bring the new clips in with the .xml (and again what about the audio)... Many thanks if you can advise further.... Adrian
  3. No worries... think I'm getting there.... thanks to all your help... a lot of the strange interlace artefacts I was seeing was because of looking at the viewer in 'fit' size. As soon as you go to 100% size it returns to normal. I'm just outputtig back at 50i so it's no big drama hopefully. I'm just suddenly thinking about what happens with the sound when I export.... the sound mix has not imported well... and I'm guessing that's becuase he's left a lot of 'dead' tracks on his timeline that are probably muted... and they've all come into Resolve unmuted... When he re-imports it all, is his sound mix going to be totally messed up... or should I export without any audio... and is there a way then of him importing and re-linking only the pictures? Aaaarrrgghhhh..!!!
  4. Okay cheers both... got it now... I unlinked and relinked. Just discovered it's all shot in 1080 50i and I'm seeing a lot of interfield stuff going on... Don't think I've ever edited or graded interlace before... I've checked the clip attributes and it's set to field dominance auto... is there any point in trying upper or lower field? De-interlacing is greyed out... so I can't try that....
  5. @Kevin P McAuliffe Kevin... I'm just importing the project now and I already have a question..! The drive he's sent me has several subfolders with a variety of files in them. However there is one folder titled 'Original Media' and one 'Transcoded Media'. Now I would think that I would want to use the original media, not something that FCP has already transcoded... but I could be wrong.... and is that a trap...? DaVinci only seemed to let me pick the master folder to find the media, so I'm not even sure which version it has loaded... Any thoughts? Adrian
  6. Kevin, you really are a mine of useful information... you should move to the Lake District, you'd love it here..!! Many thanks, and thank you Dermot too... very good info 🙂 Adrian
  7. Hi Kevin Wow... many thanks for taking the trouble to pass all of this on... this is all great stuff. Yep, point taken on the folder structrue. We will look at that. Ah, yes, Mac Drives on the PC... good point. I am fortunate in that I am 'bi-lingual' and have Macs too on my network. However I am going to look at MacDrive, that looks like a very useful tool to have in the armoury. All of his media is already on an external drive which is good. I really like your suggestion for a neat way to export... yes that should work really well and we will definitely try that method. That's a very useful insight that I wouldn't have come up with so many thanks for that. Great, much appreciated Kevin. I will definitely take you up on the offer if I run into problems. Thank you 🙂 Adrian
  8. Hi Kevin Many thanks for getting back to me. The editor is based down in the south of the UK and I am up in Kendal, so it's not the easiest of things to organise and I am falrly new to resolve and don't know FCP at all..!! Q1: So it seems that all the media for all of his projects are in one 'hidden' FCP folder, within which are individual folders for each of his projects. At the moment I got him to use 'show package contents' and then drag and drop the folder for this individual project. I have no idea what's in it, whether it's just the media or if there are other files. Without knowing FCP at all, I am guessig that maybe there is a 'proper' neat way of exporting the media? Q2: The external drive that he is going to courier to me with all the media and the .xml will be Mac fornatted I am guessing. Q3: As far as I know, all his rushes are in this one folder. He has just dragged it across to the portable drive. Q4: Yes, I am just doing the grade. He then has to re-import it and add finishng touches. I would like to export with handles to give him the option of little tweaks. This is a big unknown.... how does he 'properly' re-import the project and re-link the new graded media... will there be issues with video levels compatibility (what video levels settings should I use)? And possibly other questions I haven't thought of.... Your help is much appreciated. Anything else that you need to know, I will try and find out. Many thanks, Adrian
  9. I'm looking for a little advice... I'm about to grade a project that has been edited elsewhere on FCP X. So I need to do a round robin out of the editors Mac Book Pro running FCP X, bring it into Resolve on my Windows 10 workstation, and then go back again. There is a fair bit of info out there about this but it all seems to assume that it's all happening on the same machine. I have never used FCP X either which makes it trickier to know exacty what to suggest to the editor to make it as simple and pain free as possible. I'm guessing there will be a few traps waiting for me. We're talking mixing Macs and Windows. Video levels auto or maunal, that sort of thing. Also it seems that the media on the MacBook Pro is contained in a 'hidden' FCP folder. Do I tell the editor to use 'Show Package Contents' and then drag and drop all the media onto the portable drive that he is sending me along with the .xml file? Or is there a better way to do it? And how should he then re-import the project when I give him the graded media and .xml back again? Any help or advice much appreciated. Thank you.