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  1. Did anybody notice when working with RED footage in ACES workflow vs applying the REC 709 IPP2 lut there is a contrast and hue difference? Easily noticeable in skin tones.
  2. I thought setting Luma mix to zero when Sat is at 50 will not affect other channels. Forgive me if i am wrong.
  3. @Thomas Singh I saw a significant difference when I have enough ssd space to save that cache that the software generates. You can set that in the main settings - which drive to save the cache. Also Resolve loves higher number of Cores for your processor.
  4. Playback -> Render Cache -> User also should help. You can also playback at Half resolution if you are okay to view in 4k.
  5. I am new this forum and I am absolutely loving it. Is anybody looking for an assistant colorist to assist with their projects? I am not sure if i can post this type of message here, if not my sincere apologies. I am a lost sheep in this coloring world and am looking for a mentor so that I can learn to grade professionally. I live in California.
  6. @John Parker How does filmconvert compare to other emulation plugins like colourlab in your opinion? Or is it just matter of more options and choice but not the output for given same parameters?