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  1. Will do I have one question, I read that 72% NTSC equals 100% sRGB, right? Acer CB271HU, this monitor just lists 72% NTSC but nothing for sRGB, should I buy it or look for one that specify sRGB?
  2. I'm building a computer mainly for 3D animation, rendering and video editing (learning basic photo editing), but along those things I would love to learn color grading as much as I can.Please excuse my poor knowledge on gamut, my understanding is that sRGB is the most basic, Adobe RGB is either one of the best or the best gamut available, and NTSC is the closest to Adobe RGB but not as good, right?Said that, I'm mainly looking for a monitor with: IPS panel, 2k resolution, 8+2 bits of color.Those are the "must have" specs, the problem lays here, when I look for a monitor with those specs along 90% or more Adobe RGB the price sky rockets.- Is Adobe RGB the way to go or should I go for NTSC?- How far superior is Adobe RGB over NTSC?- Any general advices on gamut?Monitor Budget: $500 USDThanks